Miage. Nature and beauty are sources of inspiration.


Respect and excitement.

Characterized by a conscious respect to the environment, the project reflects fondamental concepts, the appropriate use of materials and the excitement of their potentiality. For each material “the best of itself” is enhanced.

Air and water… harmony and beauty.

Air and water, essential factors for living and symbols of purity, are the main
elements of the MIAGE world. Emotions springing from a design vision focused on joy. A vision that follows precise rules set by our harmonious and beautiful Nature.

Nature, source of inspiration.

The design of the products is inspired by Nature and the design vision and
industrial philosophy move away from those well-trodden paths and fully believe in creativity. The idea that leads to the creation of a totally creative path, bucking the trend.


Style and refinement.

The fluidity and the hugeness of forms and volumes live with unpredictable mechanical applications, minimal shapes and materical concepts are exalted by colours and original couplings. Style and
refinement always overlook.

A breeze… a breath.

Essentiality arising from the deep search into the origins of how man has used
water and air over time. Water springing like a breath, the essence of absolute purity.

Simple, functional, clear-cut and dynamic.

Function-oriented object, caring for wellness and the emotional value of design. Collections that stand out due to their technical and aesthetic visions combining a strong personality and identification.