A line made of essential… immediate… signs. It is like going to the roots of a language – the design “sketches” – a bathing area adding contemporary and singularly clean minimalist shapes.



Evolution of shower style.

New minimalism.

A new minimalism that chooses the comparison with the past and searches for the contrast between essentiality and practicality.

Innovation and beauty.

A line made of essential… immediate… signs. It is like going to the roots of a language – the design “sketches” – a bathing area adding contemporary and singularly clean minimalist shapes. LISI, fluid and dynamic in design, manages to express its double soul in an astonishing profile: formal innovation and contemporary beauty.

Purity and harmony.
An essential design with very elegant lines. The search for purity does not end in itself; it is a series of aspects in mutual harmony.

Aerodynamics and lightness.

A line that summarises: harmony, essentiality and elegance in the streamlined and delicate design of all its items. Aerodynamics and lightness are the inspiring ideas that flow into an outcome that goes beyond the material used to make the products. A simple design that is the conscious fruit of perfect proportions.


Materia… new and fascinating.

In order to coexist with any style, from modern to classic, from antique to contemporary, a piece of design must combine original aesthetics and timeless comfort. Glossy surfaces, volumes essential for the pursuit of pure shapes sculpted from a fascinating and new material applying the knowledge of an artisan .

Minimal, modern, contemporary.

Minimalist and yet provocative… the combination of the basic shades of the two neutral colours – black and white – par excellence, plus white and red, creates a simple as well as extraordinarily elegant mix to create a clean, contrasting, minimal effect between modern and contemporary.

Antique charm and modern spirit.

Modern design meets a traditional context. LISI, with its essential shapes, reasserts the happy union between antique charm and modern spirit. Design plays with itself, changes roles and metamorphoses into original shapes and spaces.

Flexible and precise.

Simple, imaginative, poetic. But also precise and practical depending on the space, the suite provides flexibility and adaptability that make it ideal to suit various styles.

Definite and essential.

Design of definite and essential lines. Compact shower column not taking up too much space. It includes thermostatic or progressive taps, with a three-way diverter that directs water jet from the shower head to the hand shower or the body jets. Black and white are the predominant colours, enriched by the colour details in the black or red anti-lime scale nozzles. The shower is enriched by additional accessories.

Design and ergonomics.

The LISI shower space does not give up on wellness and ergonomics. The rain shower head, or alternatively, the massage of the two lateral body jets, provides the sense of total wellness. The wall seat, a synthesis of the minimalist style, stands out due to its shape and function. The shower space is enriched by one or more wall shelves which, set at different heights, create a special effect playing with functional and aesthetic aspect.